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Off the Beaten Trail Tours

Tours galore of the top of the South Island.

  • Nelson Airport pick up and return
  • Extensive local knowledge of trails
  • Great accommodation
  • Stress free, you just concentrate on the riding
  • Safe and secure bike and gear trailer

Welcome to Off the Beaten Trail Tours. Based in Murchison we are central to some of the best riding in the world!

With a pick up from Nelson you have a selection of epic native bush riding within minutes of arriving.

We have designed some tour packages that incorporate the three great rides of the area: The Heaphy Track (only from May 1st to November 30th), The Old Ghost Road and The Paparoa Track. These can be done together in a 7 day epic tour or by picking one main ride with some shorter rides around it.

We can take tours of up to 10 people (which is the most cost effective) with a minimim of three.

We have taken the logistical work out of your biking tour so you can concentrate on the fun stuff.

We have great add-ons as well:

  • Heli drops
  • Bike hire
  • Dry bag and bike rack hire
  • Rafting rides on the Buller
  • Jet boating trips
  • Shuttled bike park rides


Tour 1: The Gorge N Ghost

Blending two class favorites together we have an over night two day ride through the Rocky thor and out to the west coast. Then the epic park ride of The Wairoa Gorge to shuttle and stay over night at.

Day/night 1: Pick up and take to The Gorge for a stay at Gibbs Hut or Barrys Hut and a shuttled day on the hill in the morning. Lunch and breakfast provided.

Day/night 2: Stay at OTBTA Murchison with food options. Get ready for two days of riding on the Old Ghost Road. Morning drop at Lyell heading for Ghost Lake Hut.

Day/night 3: Stay on top of the mountain at Ghost Lake Hut then head downhill all day to the west coast (50km). Then get either picked up by van or a heli ride back to the top for another down hill ride to Lyell carpark.

Day 4: Stay at OTBTA Murchison for a BBQ and drinks then back to Nelson airport in the morning or a secret short ride on the way back.

From $550 per person

Tour 2: The Epic Toru

Incorporating the three best multi-day trails in New Zealand; The Heaphy, The Old Ghost Road and The Paparoa. You will have to be fit and be ready for 6 days of riding in a row! With the Heaphy only open from May-Nov there is a mixed bag of conditions so bike and rider will need to be ready for any weather that may arise.

Day/night 1: Pick up at Nelson airport and reassemble bikes, then drive to Murchison or meet at OTBTA for the night.

Day/night 2: Drive to Smoke ho Carpark Early for the start of the first ride. Ride in one day 57km, pick up Punakaiki back to OTBTA.

Day/night 3: Can sleep in a bit before drop off at Lyell and start the Old Ghost Road. Ride to Ghost Lake Hut for the night.

Day/night 4: Wake to a beautiful sunrise on top of the mountains and head down hill for 50km to Rough n Tumble Lodge dinner, drinks and stay.

Day/night 5: Get picked up and taken to the start of the Heaphy Track. Ride the beautiful coastline and up the hill to MacKay Hut with a view of the Tasman Sea.

Day/night 6: Ride out mainly down hill to Browns Hut to finish the Epic Toru. Stop at Mussel Inn for dinner and drinks then back to Nelson for a night.

Day 7: Clean and pack bikes ready for flight home.

This trip can be made into an 8-day tour with an extra night on Paparoa if you can't ride in one day.

From $1299 per person


Tour 3: The Kaharangi Circuit

Great loop around the second biggest national park taking in the beautiful Nikau Palms of the West Coast.

Grade 3/4 riding.

Day/night 1: Pick up from Nelson airport in the morning, get bikes ready, drive to Caynans Downs for ride down the Rarmeka Track. Dinner and drinks at Mussel Inn and stay the night at Pakawa Camp.

Day/night 2: Drop off at Browns Hut for the start of the Heaphy Track, ride to MacKay Hut.

Day/night 3: Ride to Karamea for pick up and drive back to Murchison for drinks and a BBQ .

Day/night 4: Drive to the Gorge Bike Park for a day of shuttles. Stay the night there or in Nelson.

Day 5: Pack bikes up and drop-off at the airport.

From $899 per person

Tour 4: Starter Tour

Starter Tour

Great way to get the family into the wilderness with a hut stay on the Old Ghost Road and some easy riding mostly downhill.

Grade 2/3 riding.

Day/night 1: Pick up in Nelson, drive to Belgrove for a ride through Spooners historic tunnel and along the Great Taste Trail to Kohatu Junction. drive to Murchison or meet at OTBTA for the night.

Day/night 2: Drive to Lyell and ride up the Old Ghost Road to Lyell Saddle (18km) for the night at Lyell Saddle Hut.

Day/night 3: Ride back down to Lyell, picked up and taken to Maruia Saddle for a ride down through more beautiful native beech forests. Back to OTBTA for the night.

Day 4: Morning rafting trip on the Buller River, back to Nelson for drop off at the airport.

There are many options for add-ons with this package.

From $699 per person


Bikes for Hire

We have top of the line bikes for hire from a well equipped bike shop, plus storage and a work shop for guests with there own bikes.

Norco 2020 Hardtails
Half day rental $50
Full day rental $80

  • Free helmet and knee pads if required
  • Set up with seat post bag and handle bar bag for multi-day trips (extra charge)
  • Friendly, free advice about mountain bike riding in the surrounding area
  • Maps, apps and mob guide books
  • Prearranged guided trips or full tours to your specification
  • Bike parts and accessories for sale
  • Basic bike repairs and servicing

Bike Gear for Hire

We have some Aeroe bike packing gear for hire. They are the best way to carry your belongings on your bike, stable and dry in all weather.

Handlebar rack and dry bag: $25 per day
Spider rear rack and quick mount pod: $35 per day
Extra dry bags $5 each

Bikes for hire